Watermarks exists in two states simultaneously, one half digitally and one half physically. The ‘original’ works from this series exist solely online at the URLs shown below. Although equally unique their ‘meta’ equivalents are the only part of the work that exists physically. The online version of the work can only exist at the coded URL hosted by Shutterstock because the watermark is part of the work. It is unownable in this digital form as attempting to purchase it automatically removes the watermark and the artwork ceases to exist.

Watermarked Painting #436544659 (Shutterstock meta)
Original painting by Thomas Bond Walker
Forced Collaboration 2016 and 1901

Watermarked Painting #441570286 (Shutterstock meta)
Original painted by George Percy Jackomb Hood
Forced Collaboration 2016 and 1924

Watermarked Painting #444530605 (Shutterstock meta)
Original painting attributed to John Constable
Forced Collaboration 2016 and c1815