Reflections are part of the Forced Collaboration series. Paintings in this series are collaborations with artists from the 16th-20th centuries. I work directly onto original oil paintings which have been purchased, usually at auction. These source paintings are not objets trouvé as they were never lost. Instead they are original works of art that I have remixed.

Reflection on coastal craft on a choppy sea
Original painting by George Morland
Forced collaboration 2019 and c1790

Fireworks on Ethel Deller holding tribunal letter
Original painting by Lawrence Deller
Forced collaboration 2019 and 1916

Fireworks on two landscapes
Original English School oil painting
Forced collaboration (study) 2019 and 1870

Reflection on Mr & Mrs Thomas Walker, Camden Town
Original painting by William Allsworth
Forced Collaboration 2016 and 1855

Reflection study
Original English School oil painting
Forced collaboration (study) 2015 and c1870

Reflection on Jane Camp
Originally painted by Alexander Melville
Forced Collaboration 2018 and 1877

Reflection on John Button 1761-1825 and John Elliot 1769-1835
Original painting by Thomas Harper
Forced Collaboration 2017 and c1820

Reflection on Joseph Seal of Foleshill Heath, Coventry
Originally painted by David Gee
Forced Collaboration 2018 and 1845