Paul Stephenson

Reflection on coastal craft on a choppy sea
Original painting by George Morland
Forced collaboration 2019 and c1790

Reflections on (l to r) a Gentleman, James Carlile & Samual Cocker of Hathersage, Derbyshire
Original paintings by Richard Ramsey Reinagle, Amos Gusuille RA & Henry Perronet Briggs 
Forced Collaboration 2019 and 1820, 1830 & c1820

Reflection on Thomas Beecham, Paris
Unique vintage silver gelatin photograph by Man Ray
Forced Collaboration 2020 and 1915

Fireworks on Ethel Deller holding tribunal letter
Original painting by Lawrence Deller
Forced collaboration 2019 and 1916

Fireworks on two landscapes (diptych)
Original English School oil paintings
Forced collaboration (study) 2019 and 1870

Reflection on Mr & Mrs Thomas Walker, Camden Town (diptych)
Original painting by William Allsworth
Forced Collaboration 2016 and 1855

Reflection study
Original English School oil painting
Forced collaboration (study) 2015 and c1870

Reflection on Jane Camp
Originally painted by Alexander Melville
Forced Collaboration 2018 and 1877

Reflection on John Button 1761-1825 and John Elliot 1769-1835 (diptych)
Original painting by Thomas Harper
Forced Collaboration 2017 and c1820