Born 1976
Lives and works in London


MFA Goldsmiths College, London


‘Search History’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2023
‘Fireworks’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2019
‘Forced Collaboration’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2016


‘REPORTRAIT’ Nottingham Museum, 2017
Participants: Glenn Brown, Anthony Micallef, Julie Cockburn, Philip Gurrey, Maisie Broadhead, Sasha Bowles, Matthieu Leger, Annie Kevans, Jasleen Kaur, Samin Ahmadzadeh, James E Smith and Jake Wood-Evans
Curator: Tristram Aver

Selected Group

‘Summer Show’ Royal Academy, London, 2024
‘Mutualist Painting’ Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool, 2024
‘MFA Degree Show’ Goldsmiths, University of London, 2023
‘quel jour sommes-nous’ galerie TOKONOMA, Kassel, 2022
‘Threshold’ Goldsmiths, University of London, 2022
‘(de)constructed’ Candela Books and Gallery, 2022
‘Unbound 10’ Candela Books and Gallery, 2021
‘Fragments’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2021
‘Wish You Were Here’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2018
Moniker Art Fair, 2017
‘LAX/LHR’ Thinkspace Gallery, 2015
‘Spectrum’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2015
‘Saints and Sinners’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2014
‘VII’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2013
‘Memento Mori’ Pertwee, Anderson & Gold, 2013
‘Follow Your Art’ Sotheby’s, 2012
‘Summer Show’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2012
‘Cans Festival’ Banksy and Tristan Manco, 2008

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