‘Fireworks’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2019
‘Forced Collaboration’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2016


‘REPORTRAIT’ Nottingham Museum, 2017
Participants: Glenn Brown, Anthony Micallef, Julie Cockburn, Philip Gurrey, Maisie Broadhead, Sasha Bowles, Matthieu Leger, Annie Kevans, Jasleen Kaur, Samin Ahmadzadeh, James E Smith and Jake Wood-Evans
Curator: Tristram Aver

Selected Group

‘Wish You Were Here’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2018
Moniker Art Fair, 2017
‘LAX/LHR’ Thinkspace Gallery, 2015
‘Spectrum’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2015
‘Saints and Sinners’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2014
‘VII’ StolenSpace Gallery, 2013
‘Memento Mori’ Pertwee, Anderson & Gold, 2013
‘Follow Your Art’ Sotheby’s, 2012
‘Summer Show’ StolenSpace, 2012
‘Cans Festival’ Banksy and Tristan Manco, 2008


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